For someone who is born and raised in QC, I’m so familiar with its every corner, shopping districts, and food trips, but I missed this restaurant that cooks whatever your cravings are. 
Lihi is a Filipino restaurant that accommodates food requests that’s not in their menu as long as the ingredients are available. Pretty new concept, right? Since LIHI is a term associated with pregnant women, they played so witty with the menu. First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, and the Cesarean Section are the names of their group meals that’s really perfect for families. 
Okay here’s a confession, my family and I rarely eat at Filipino restaurants because we always have home cooked meals, but after trying out Lihi, I realized that we should definitely eat more! It was also a super cool experience connecting to the owners of how the restaurant was built and how they came up with the concept of satisfying your cravings any time of the day. 

Here are their bestsellers that we were able to try:

You can also have your parties and events at their restaurant, and if you’re near the area, you can have it delivered thru Grab. 

You can find Lihi at Unit 816 One Raffles Place, Congressional Avenue, Bahay Toro, Quezon City.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at