For the longest time, my pores have always been my problem. Even if I used poreless products as base when I put make up, I was never really able to hide it. I have this recurring problem on my nose and cheek area. Even after having facials and treatments in clinics, they won’t just cooperate.

Also my pores can’t seem to handle the sudden change of weather and when they are open for a long time, they get clogged with oil and dirt which cause problems like blackheads and acne. As a skin care addict, I love exploring new products that targets specific areas on my face. I was really excited that I got to review Snoe’s More Awesome Poresome collection because this is what my face actually needed! 
The More Awesome Poresome Kit claims to be loaded with pore minimizing ingredients to perfectly reduce the appearance of pores. It has witch hazel, azeloglicina, pineapple, cucumber, papaya, and calamansi extracts to remove excess oil, dirt, and impurities.

The pore minimizing kit includes the following:
Beauty bar
Power cleanser
Retexturizing polish
Clarifying toner
Perfecting serum

Power Cleanser:
Having a super oily and pimple prone face is really annoying (and costly) which is why I’m always in the look for a skin care that has less chemicals and more organic ingredients. This product is super gently on your skin and feels really refreshing. 

Beauty Bar:
I like that this is soft and foamy and doesn’t melt easily.  I’m pretty sure it will last you for months. 

Using toner is one of my favorite part of my skin care as it removes excess dirt, oil, and make up. It comes with a spray container so I was a bit confused if I should directly spray it on my face (coz other toners are like that) or on a cotton pad. 

Among all the awesome poresome products, this is my favorite because it makes my skin so soft like a baby. I use this every other day, while your face is damp get pea size of the polish and massage it onto your face gently for 2 mins. It honestly exfoliates and brightens the skin.

Not gonna lie, this one stings like a bitch, but I feels like the areas that stings are the ones that has huge pores. So, I feel like the products are actually working into my skin.

Final thoughts...
In general, 2 things were a bit off for me:

Instructions were a bit vague, so for someone who’s starting out with skin care, you have to research first which would go next after next.

The smell, because of certain ingredients it smelled like my mosquito repellents. Haha but that’s just me. 

Would I recommend these products? Definitely yes!