It's really no secret that my siblings and I love the sea so much and we'll go at any chance we can get. After months of school, work, and business, we all deserved a break from life. We've all been to a lot of local beaches, North and South, so thinking of our next destination is pretty challenging. It was a weekend so finding a decent resort with less crowd is so hard, until I suggested we come and visit my brother-in-law's hometown. I’ve always wanted to visit Quezon Province because I heard such good things about it like the food, the people, the festivals, and of course the beaches. There were a lot of beaches in Quezon Province and the top picks were Jomalig, Borawan, Polilo, and Cagbalete Island. My sister has been to Cagbalete Island and she told us that it was really beautiful, so we're sold.

I've seen photos of Cagbalete Island before on social media, yes I was amazed, but seeing it in person is pretty spectacular!

This beautiful island is just 3-4 hours away from Metro Manila and less than 30-45 mins boat ride from the port of Mauban. There were really a lot of tourist when we got to the port and we're all thankful that my sister planned our trip well so and we won't have to wait along with other people for public boats. We opted on renting a private boat so we can leave anytime we want because my sister needs to go back to work. If you're gonna ask if the boat is safe for that long ride, I'm gonna say YES. Well, I think as long as the weather is fine and it's summer. I've experience 2 worst boat rides in my life like life-and-death situation. So, yes, it is very very safe and amazingly fast!

I was really in awe when we arrived because it was just so beautiful. We docked very very far from the shore and had to literally jump on almost waist-level water and carry our stuff because it's low tide and the boat can't come any closer anymore.

You will experience fine white sand, turquoise waters, and relaxing silhouette view of the mountains.

Everything you see is either white or blue that seems so surreal. You can walk along the beautiful shores and day time is usually low tide so the majestic sandbars will appear where you can take endless photos at every angle.

We chose Paradiso Amadeo which is truly a paradise and stayed in a very very charming three-story tree house! I'm all for the island living and it just gave me a legit Moana vibes!!! There are a lot of resorts in the island and we picked Paradiso Amadeo because they were so kind and very accommodating during the reservation process. We actually arrived way too early as in 9am and our check in time is at 2pm, but they let us stay at the common area and leave our stuff there so we can explore the island right away. They also let us check in early as soon as the prior renters left! So yay! The staff were really friendly and super nice too.

You can also pitch tents. Food choices were very limited, but upon reservation, you have an option to bring your own food or avail of the food packages in the resort which were so good as in 5/5. There are also locals who are selling freshly caught fish, squid, crabs, and any seafood available at a very very affordable price. They also offer activities like kayak, island hopping, snorkeling and more, but we opted on just chilling and enjoying the amazing view. This isn't definitely a place for party goers, but a place for people who seek peace of mind and for those who are soul-searching. Okay, be warned because most bathrooms in the island are communal so keep your maarte side to yourself.

When I say low tide, like really low tide you can probably walk in the middle part of the ocean, but it’s just so beautiful!

We were told that there will be no electricity in the morning and it will only be available from 6am to 6pm, but when we arrived there it seems that the generator is up and running during our stay. The island has very weak signal and just enough to make calls or send text messages so it is a really great opportunity to take a break from the online world. My siblings and I stayed up all night drinking and talking and talking and talking until we think it's time for bed. My brother and I woke up around 3am to do some astrophotography but it was full moon and there's so much light pollution so we failed.

What I love about this island is the eco-tourism part in which upon paying for the environmental fee (50 pesos), they'll give you a bottle (with 100 pesos deposit) where you can fill it up with non-biodegradable trash. Once you were able to fill it up, they'll give back your 100 pesos and ask you to spin the roulette where you can win discounts for your next visit. You know what's sad? Most of the garbages we collected are the ones we found swimming with us. Wrappers of chips, hell even a sanitary napkin wrapper! It is a very very beautiful island and I hope we can all be responsible and not turn it into something so ugly.

Our overall stay was amazing, I feel so refreshed and relaxed. It turns out all I needed was an escape from the crazy metro life.
You may check Paradiso Amadeo's Facebook page for more details.