I don't have any recent and decent photo to share with you guys but here's a weird version of Michelle... taken at my sister's wedding by Arvin Simbulan Photography

Honestly, I cannot remember what happened in February! I mean, it was so fast I can’t keep up! Wow. I’m seriously so blown away how everything went that fast. It felt like January was just yesterday then I woke up and the first quarter is almost over!

  • Grad School pretty much ate up my February and I’m not complaining. I’ve been learning so much and I’m still regretting why I didn’t choose business as my undergrad! My classes are extra challenging and I’m gaining new friends! I’m just worrying about my Math classes ‘coz ya girl ain’t that smart in that area.
  • Fitness progress. I’ve mentioned that I got a gym membership last month and boy, I wish I’ve done that sooner! A couple of days into it and I’m actually feeling sooooo good. A lot of people are still shook that I’m exercising because I’m thin af and they think I’m already fit! I’m just extra happy I get to keep my promise to myself to be more conscious of my health. 
  • Valentine’s Day just flew by. You know. Hahahaha
  • Circuit Studios is going strong despite the major changes we’ve been doing lately. I'm thankful to all my friends and relatives who kept on supporting all my decisions in life.
  • Self love advocate. I’ve been single for far too long (I’m also not complaining about this) and I decided to be vocal on my views on self love. Next month, as I turn 25, I’m very excited to share how I live this life to the fullest. Again, this isn’t being selfish, it’s all about learning to love yourself unapologetically.

All I can say is life has been pretty amazing!