My January 2019 started pretty intense because I got really sick and was rushed to the ER due to some viral infection I caught somewhere. My sister (who is also my doctor) advised me to get some decent rest because for the whole month of December, I didn't really get a holiday since it was the busiest season for most businesses. I was forced to stay at home for a couple of days and catch up with some series on Netflix. Unlike, 2017 I had this year end post of 17 Things I've Learned in 2017, I actually have one for 2018 in draft, but it's basically a first-draft-too-lazy-to-edit-let's-forget-about-it post. So yeahhh.

Here's what kept me occupied for the past month and my plans for February:
  • Second semester of Grad School started, and my schedule is pretty jampacked compared with my friends since I opted to go full load and sacrifice my Saturdays again. I met new people and hopefully gain new network and friends. I'm really ecstatic to be back in school, I just love studying so muchhh!
  • Circuit Studios is growing! I'm so happy that the team (a pool of young creatives) is getting bigger and my baby is keeping up with the needs of the industry. I'm so thankful for all the hardworking individuals who made this possible and those clients who are giving exceptional reviews! Just genuine happiness.
  • News for Onelane? Well. I don't have any YET. Hahahaha! Soon.
  • Other businesses are doing so great as well. Thank you, Lord.
  • Attended a close friend's wedding. For someone who doesn't believe in marriage (yep I don't, but that's another story), I love attending weddings most especially if they're my close friends, because I love being part of the start of their happy ending. It's really an amazing feeling witnessing two people more in love than ever. I also get emotional and kilig!
  • Went to the beach! This is pretty much the highlight of my January. My siblings and I went on a much needed weekend getaway that we've been planning since November. We haven't really bonded in a while since life has been pretty crazy because of adult stuff, and this was a very very good and super relaxing weekend. We also took our dogs with us so it was really extra fun. We basically slept all morning in our cottage, enjoyed the cold breeze, and did all the tanning in the afternoon. It was my first time at La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Laiya, Batangas and I highly recommend it 'coz the food is also gooooooood!! I've always believed that the sea washes away negativity so it was a fresh start for everyone.
  • Australia blog? I promised you guys that I'll post series of blogs from my trip last September but I'm not sure if I'll push it through because I have no time to sort photos and edit them, sadly. But let's see what I'll come up with.
  • I finally got a gym membership!!! Yay! Finally! I'm so proud of myself for doing this, but my introvert self is nervous! You'll probably say that I don't need to go to the gym since I look fit, but nuuuuuh... I don't feel fit at all. I'm not getting any younger and I'm still sporting my weight from 10  years ago and I'm not sure if that's healthy or not. Also, I wanna keep eating all those unhealthy stuff! Hahaha!!
  • As for travel plans this February... I'm not sure yet, since I'm still adjusting with school.
I don't really do New Year's Resolution because I know myself and I'm a master of procrastination, but since the first week of the year was so rough, I'm making a promise to take care of myself more and be conscious of my health. Also, I honestly hope that this year, I'll be able to write a Life Update monthly instead of doing it whenever I want to, so let's see how 2019 goes.