A couple of blog posts ago, I've mentioned that my childhood best friend is an off-road adventurer, and we haven't traveled for a while because of our busy schedule. Luckily, my brother needs a photographer for a school "project" and the location is at Mt. Balagbag, which is a very popular hiking and off-road spot since it's just less than an hour away from Quezon City.

And of course as Michelle, as a maarte girl, hiking is the very last thing I will do (next to running) so I invited... no... I basically begged and dragged my BFF to drive for us! 

You know what's funny, the model ditched us last minute so I ended up modeling and my brother became our photographer and cinematographer. Anyway, it was actually an amazing experience because being on top gives you a view of Manila, Bulacan, and Rizal.

We stayed there from 4PM to 11PM, and it was sooo cold! 

After our shoot, which lasted a couple of minutes only, we took photos and watched the sunset. It's actually a nice hangout/camping place for friends and couples since there's no signal! As for us, we shared a couple of beers and crazy stories! It was a super nice evening and I'd love to do it again!