Nested in the mountains and the heart of Cordillera is the province of Kalinga, where art and nature meets to form culture and tradition.

It is a place where people not just from the Philippines, but all over the world travel to get the most meaningful and best travel souvenir - tattoos from the legendary mambabatok (traditional tattoo artist) of the Butbut tribe, Apo Whang-Od.

Frankly, I haven't been there, but the purpose of this blog post is to seek help on behalf of a couple of friends wants to give back to the community by organizing an outreach program on June 7-9, 2018. 

The Pack Master (organizer) has been doing this for the past 2 years and once again for the third time, the fund that they will raise will be used to buy every family of the Butbut tribe medicines and medical supplies. 

There are 2 ways we can help! See the photos below.

When is the earliest date that I can get my coffee?
Earliest date would be on June 11 (Monday) since we will be in the Kalinga village between June 7 to June 9 - that is where we'll get your coffee from.

Can we arrange a meet-up?
Of course, we can! Just let us know about your schedule. We will be very glad to see you.

If I can't do meet-ups, is there any other way to get my coffee?
We can send your coffee through a courier. Delivery fee will range from P50 – P150. Rates may vary depending on the location/address. Pertinent details of the transaction will be sent to you ASAP.

How long will it take for my coffee to arrive if shipped?
2 to 3 days lead time upon confirmation of the shipment. We'll keep you notified.

Will I be charged with handling fees?
No handling fee or any other charges will be imposed. Only delivery charge from the courier.

What courier will you use to ship my orders?
FasTrack Courier Services is our preferred courier. However, we can opt to another courier upon request or the unavailability of the preferred courier.

What are the payment methods available?
- Cash (only during meet-ups and NO COD or Cash on Delivery)
- Bank transfer 
Bank Deposit (BDO)
Account Name: Yolando J. Sahagun II
Account Number: 0066 3016 2365

Why is COD not an option? 
We will use the proceeds to buy medicines. Hence, we will be needing funds in buying the pertinent materials including the medicines.

Can I join the trip to Buscalan on Jun 7 – 9?
As much as we would like to accommodate joiners, our group prefers to do the journey by ourselves to make the event as controlled as possible and also to adhere to the goal of the event.

So, how can I help instead? 
You may buy the coffee for P150 or donate money.

What is the money for? 
The money collected will be used to buy basic medicines for the village. Just like the donation will as per usual be coordinated to the head teacher and resident physician of the village.

You may check out their Facebook Page for updates and other information.
You may also contact Lan Sahagun at 09258154354 / 09356421335

Here's a video from their journey last year:

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” - Mandy Hale