Time flies so fast, and here I am writing another life update! It feels like March was just yesterday and I don't even know where to start because it's just a slow month...

April is basically pure Onelane PH and Circuit Studios PH.

I mean, there was no remarkable stuff happened I was just running here and there in between photo shoots for Circuit Studios and managing Onelane since we just launched our Spring Summer Collection 2018.

It's a crazy feeling knowing my babies (Onelane & Circuit) are finally out there! I'm just so thankful of my support system and everyone who are always there. I know this is just the 1st step, but I believe in the magic of arts and hardwork. ♥

 Shirred Cropped Top: Onelane PH | Pink Wide Leg Pants: Cache Cache | Shoes: Payless Philippines

Another event in my April is when these photos were taken. I was invited to judge the annual KAROL Awards of BA Communication Society of my alma mater, St. Paul University Quezon City. It was a nostalgic feeling knowing I was once in their position, praying so hard to be named as "Best in..." I honestly doubted myself if I am credible enough to be a judge since my background is purely Marketing, Photography, and Business, but I actually enjoyed it!

And! I had a shoot at Mt. Balagbag, which I will share on a separate blog post.. Watch out for that!

*Photos by Julienne Gregorio Photography