Prior this trip, I had no idea what Taiwan’s weather like, so I assumed that it’s pretty similar to Philippines. Basically, all the outfits I had in mind are for summer. Dresses, off shoulders, sandals, sneakers, and other hubadera stuff I usually wear. 

I started packing the night before our flight, since I’m a procrastinator like that, out of curiosity, I checked Taiwan’s weather online and I was so shook. It was 12 freaking degrees. Honestly, I didn’t believed it at first so I asked a close friend to ask his Taiwanese friend, and he said “It’s super cold, 12 degrees” my siblings and I panicked and started getting our winter clothes. 

Shades: Sunnies Studio | Denim Jacket: H&M | Dress: GTW by SM | Bangle: Tiffany & Co. | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Superga

Our Day 1 is probably the coldest in all the days we were in Taiwan and I’m basically wearing a short dress. I’m not sure if you guys do this as well, but every time I pack, all my outfits are planned inside my head and I religiously follow it no matter the circumstances are. Inside the hotel, the weather is tolerable so I opted to push through with my short dress denim jacket, scarf, and sneakers. And stepping out, it was crazy cold and every time the wind blows I basically shiver, but like every maarte girl say... "tiis ganda"

Walking and commuting around Shifen Old Street, Juifen, and Ximending... I know it’s not the best outfit choice for spring but I was pretty comfortable. It was a simple mix and match and everyone can probably rock it, and a denim jacket is definitely a girls must have in her closet. 

You know what’s funny, every time we rode the train or any public transportation, I feel like there are eyes on me, they probably think “this girl is showing so much skin on Spring, she must be numb.” But me being Michelle, I honestly don’t give a fuck. Hahahaha! 

Michelle - 1 Weather - 0