Shopping has always been my guilty pleasure, anytime anywhere. Unfortunately, traffic has been so terrible around the metro and just by going to the mall is such a huge hassle, which is why I'm sort of obsessed with online shopping lately.

I came across this app called Paperclip that lets you buy, sell, trade, and join/create a community that has the same interests as yours. From pre-loved clothes to secondhand cars you can find quality items that you can fall in love with or find a new home for the stuff you used to love.

The app itself is very easy to navigate, you can find for sale items near you in a few tap of your fingers. Once you've found something you like, why not make an offer? This could be an item swap, a cash bid, or a combination of both.

Since Paperclip is new in the digital industry, there's only a few users around Manila, so why not share it to your family and friends so we can build a trading community together.

You know what I love about this app? The CHAT! I mean, you can negotiate with the seller/buyer easily!

Start making your own marketplace in 3 ways:
Android | IOS | Online