For the past weeks, I've been busy running businesses and errands here and there, and squeezing in outfit shoots in between. Even if I have construction assigntments from my dad, I wanted to look decent, respectable yet still chic.

I really don’t have a schedule to follow... sometimes I’m just working at home in my jammies, or I’m out for the whole day meeting clients, doing photoshoots, and other errands. Basically, my outfit depends on what kind of day I’m having. With this staple, since I don’t have any photoshoot that day, I opted on wearing a dress for me to be able to move freely. Yes, I’m more comfortable in a dress/skirt rather than wearing jeans/pants. I know it’s sorta weird but if you’re wondering why, I’ve mentioned it in my previous blog post, read it here.

Black dress - Folded and Hung, Denim Jacket - H&M, Shades - Sunnies Studio, Shoes - Keds, Bracelet - H&M

I paired up my black dress with a denim jacket and white canvas shoes so I won't look too formal. 

This denim jacket is actually my new favorite piece in my closet as you can pair it up with anything and it’s very timeless. I super love the floral embroidered in it which makes your look more fab so you won’t need to accessorize a lot.

*Photos by Clare Allen Justo