This month, I turn 24 and I'm in a full panic mode. I know this shouldn’t frighten me, but it does. Yes, 24 isn't an "old" age, but it’s such an odd feeling knowing another year has passed, and I still have no idea what I’m doing. And that's another story. I won't go into full drama about me getting a year older, the purpose of this blog post is to share most of my deepest and darkest secrets.

 I’ve listed 24 things most people don’t know about me...

  1. My nickname is Mimi. My friends from school know this, but in the professional world, I’m known as “Michelle” and lately, I find it so weird when people call me “Mimi”
  2. I had Purpura when I was young. It’s a medical condition where my lower limbs have purple/red spots which is caused by internal bleeding. I remember back then, my dad had to carry me around because it’s too painful to walk. It’s also why I bruise easily and freaks out every time I see one that came out of nowhere!
  3. I used to have curly hair. Like kinky levels when I was super young. 
  4. I've been wearing eye glasses since 3rd grade.
  5. I used to dance ballet.
  6. I can read 4-5 books in one day. This is not to brag or something. I can’t exactly remember when I became a bibliophile. I just hate the idea of cliffhangers and not wanting to be stuck in the ending of a novel which is why I had to read again to divert my attention. I've read more novels than scholarly books in my life!
  7. I have a book blog. It’s called The Bookwhore Diaries, my high school friend and I founded it since we’re both obsessed with books. Sad thing is, I haven’t been active for the past 2 years because life happened and I'm pretty sure she's still working on it.
  8. Moulin Rouge! and Pride and Prejudice are my favorite movies. I'm a sucker for period films because I love history. There's something about them that transport us back to their era where they value virtue, manners, status, and poetry. Well, let's just say that I'm not a The Notebook/Nicolas Sparks kind of girl.
  9. Poetry and letters are my game.  I remember writing a few poems back in high school and college for the school paper. Call me traditional, but like Anne Boleyn said in The Tudors... "Seduce me. Write letters to me. And poems, I love poems. Ravish me with words."
  10. I took up French classes. And I totally forgot everything about it. I took it as a summer course in UP, but learning a language that only I speaks at home is nuts. It came handy when I had linguistics elective in college. 
  12. I HATE mustard. I feel like it's mayonnaise in disguise!!! 
  13. Not a fan of wine. Friends always invite me to wine and cheese party, but I’m a beer kind of girl and I hate the smell of wine! 
  14. I don’t drink soda. I only drink soda when it’s mixed with alcohol.
  15. I like pineapple on pizza. This is going to be controversial! Friends, don't unfriend me. I like Hawaiian pizza, no judging please. 
  16. I love nuts. Peanuts. Pistachio. Walnut. Almond. Cashew. Hazelnut. Pecan. Name it!
  17. Chinese food is the way to my heart. Hahaha! I'm obsessed with Chinese food! Like I can eat it forever! I think my siblings and I got it from our dad, he likes taking us to legit Chinese restos around until now. I love dimsum so muccch.
  18. I have a love/hate relationship with clubbing/rave parties. Because I have introvert tendencies and tita moments.
  19. I hardly ever wear jeans/pants. It’s really an uncomfortable feeling, like my legs can’t breathe! Believe it or not, I own like 1 or 2 pairs of jeans. The only pants I super love wearing is wide leg trousers.
  20. I don’t like surprises. Surprises in general. Birthday surprise... or whatever surprise you can think of, mainly because I don't know how to handle one and I have insecurities like I feel like I don't deserve it.
  21. I make better decisions when I’m driving. I love driving and there’s something about it that calms me and helps me think better.
  22. I’m an over thinker. This is what’s keeping me up at night.
  23. I'm one of the boys. Idk how many times I’ve defended myself for being too close with my guy friends and people don’t buy it. I've always believed that men and women can be friends and look out for each other without any sexual and/or romantic ulterior motives. They are probably the reason for #24. HAHAHAHAHA! They put me off relationships.
  24. I've never had a boyfriend.

Comment below your thoughts or perhaps share something most people don't know about you, I'd love to hear it!