A couple of days before our flight to Singapore, I went crazy shopping on Copper because they are always on sale and I need new wardrobe for this trip... and I love online shopping so much! It saves time and you can do it anywhere anytime.

Initially, I brought 3 types of shoes to match all the outfits I have, but the weather is just so unpredictable, like it’s so sunny in the morning and around brunch time it will pour like hell, which is why I decided to ditch them and stick to my overused Vans. It was actually a good choice since we did a lot of walking.

I’ve mentioned in my previous post how much I’m obsessed with boho fashion lately, and during this trip, I opted on having a theme and it’s off shoulder and tassel. Basically all my tops are from Copper and I just put all my favorite pieces in my closet to pair it up.

Skinny Love Ribbed Off the Shoulder Top (black) from Copper | Dusty Pink Lace Up Skirt from Landmark | Light Pink Sneakers from Vans

Break of Dawn Off the Shoulder Top (light blue) from Copper | Scallop Shorts from Seventeen | Light Pink Sneakers from Vans

Old flame wrap skirt (black) and Love like this off the shoulder top (cream) from Copper | Light Pink Sneakers from Vans

Visit Copper's website to score sale items for your wardrobe!

This is not a sponsored post. 😀
All these photos were taken by my non-photographer sister, and she's learning!