My parents are probably the most spontaneous people in the world and basically a long weekend is like a god-sent to them. They are adventurers as well so you rarely find them in Manila on weekends, and this trip was planned around 6 hours before we board the boat. 

Since it's also a week full of birthdays (my mom, sister, and brother), we decided to celebrate it in Mindoro, so far away from the craziness of life. Of course, of all the places in the Philippines, why in Mindoro? I get that question a lot. Like really all the time. People wonder because my mom is from North and my dad basically grew up in Manila so there's no reason for me to explore Mindoro. From my previous post about Looc, Occidental Mindoro, you've all learned that my sister is a doctor to the barrio. In 2015, I was so lucky to explore the whole Oriental Mindoro for a week, because my mom works there, I won't go into detail about that since it's been quite a while. And that, my dear friends, is why I go to the Islands of Mindoro all the time.

Puerto Galera is also known for its long curve white sand, bars and resorts, fire dancers, well, basically, it's like Boracay but not really if you know what I mean. If you're coming from Manila, it would take a long ass travel to go to Batangas Port, and from there, there's a huge boat (not really a ship) that would take you directly to the shores of Puerto Galera. It's an easy travel which is why there's a lot of tourist all year round. I've lost count on how many times I've been here since it's our go-to beach. We stayed at several inns in White Beach, Infinity Resort, and Tamarraw Beach Resort.

It's my 2nd time here in Tamaraw Beach Resort and everything looks so different now. Different in a good way. I tried my best to look for my photos during my 1st time but I failed since that was like more than 6-8 years ago. Before I go into detail about our trip, I'm pretty sure you've heard the word "Tamaraw" before, so what exactly is a Tamaraw? For those who doesn't know it is basically a small buffalo that can be found only in the mountains/island of Mindoro, over the years because of habitation, hunting, and logging, it is now restricted to only a few remote areas and is now considered an endangered species. Here's how it looks like:

Photo grabbed from Google Images
It's a sad story, unfortunately, I haven't seen one. Anyway, going back to the point of this blogpost... The Tamaraw Beach Resort.

I'm pretty sure they derived the name from Mindoro's finest since it's all over the place. I have nothing to say but good things about it since we had a great time during our stay here. I'm so amazed how they turned this beach resort around over the years.

Tamaraw Beach resort has several accommodations, there are villas, apartment type, and for groups which I could say is so affordable even on peak season. They also have an infinity pool for children and adults that gives you a great view of the whole resort.

We stayed in a villa which is located at the end of the resort so basically the whole area is ours since most vacationers are in the apartment type. You can also cross to White Beach, but that is really tricky since the path is full of huge stones and quite slippery.

They have a restaurant and local store inside so you won't have to go out, it's a bit far from the market so it's best if you buy stuff before going here. I like that it's so secluded because, of course, you can take tons of photos without annoying photo-bombers. The staff are pretty great too, 'coz they let us check in so early with no extra charges! Yay!

If you're looking for a bit of excitement, you can also go parasailing, island hopping, kayak, diving, jet skiing, and a lot of activities that could hype up your adrenaline.

If you ever need to go away from the buzz of life, you might want to visit Tamaraw Beach Resort. It's refreshing, exciting, and definitely an experience.