In the digital age, books can now be read in a few touch of our fingers. It's cheaper, no hassle, and open for everyone's eyes, but I still believe that old school reading is timeless. I have to admit that I am a fan of both medium depending on the book's availability in the market, but there's something about the scent of books that is so addicting!

Every year, all the bookworms in our country gather in the largest and most awaited book fair, The Manila International Book Fair. It is the biggest and longest running book fair in our country, where books/book bundles are at its cheapest, our favorite best selling authors fly here for book signing, raffles, and a lot more exciting events. The fair started last September 13-17, 2017 at SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, so bookworms got 4 days of book heaven!

Actually, it was my brother's idea to go here since he needed books for school and REX Book Store is having a huge sale. See? This is not only about international and local novels, students are also welcome here and dig for school books at its cheapest.

We were supposed to go on a weekend, but I was told by a close friend that last year was literally rubbing elbows, so we decided to go on a Thursday! There's still a crowd and the shelves of the leading bookstores are crazy mess, but it's somehow manageable since the staff are service oriented.

Not surprised to bumped into an old friend who shares the same addiction as mine. It was so much fun! Of all places, this is where we'll meet again after so many years, knowing we're both from the North and it took us around 2-3 hours to get to MOA. Oh what we do for love.

Me and Marian Encinas
There are a lot of exhibitors and press present in the event, and they sell variety of merchandise from books, magazines, religious memorabilia, school supplies and a lot more!

Honestly, I have a long list of books to read, which I took with me, but due to my excitement and adrenaline, I bought books that are not on my list. 20%, 50%, 75% off, it's crazy yet a beautiful mess so you gotta have a lot of patience in finding treasures.