It's been a while since my siblings and I are complete because of our adult life, so we decided to hit the road and drive south. Since it's a long weekend, we're expecting a crowd wherever we go so we tried to look for beaches around Calatagan, Batangas. Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort came up, and it's quite popular with travel groups on Facebook and it pretty much caught my attention. The white sand sold me since there are few white sand beaches around the metro and some are even makeshift. 

It's more than 4 hours of drive from the metro, so my ass basically hurts from sitting and staring at the road.

Arriving there, I was really in awe because the resort is so big, there are basically 3 beaches. Serenity Beach and Destiny Beach which can be found near the parking area. Unfortunately, due to lack of research we weren't able to see all of it because we were so damn excited to head to our cottage which can be found at Harmony Beach. :)  All of my photos are from Harmony Beach, btw.

There's a lot of adventures like Water Therapy so kayak, paddle boat, snorkeling, and fishing. There's this Discovery Trips, Happy Camp, ATV, biking, camping, and hella more!

And you know what's more awesome about this resort? They allow furbabies!
We take our dogs wherever we go, so a pet-friendly environment is basically a heaven on earth. There are some resorts that allow pets, but they don't let them swim in the ocean, but with Stilts, our babies get to have awesome seascape as well! 

There are 8 floating cottages, which I think they got the idea from Maldives. All cottages have verandas with hammocks that are perfect for daydreaming, relaxing and watching gorgeous sunsets. The cottages also have wooden stairs that provide direct access to the water below.

We roamed around the resort and found these words of wisdom. It's everywhere and just by seeing it makes me smile. For an artsy (maarte) person like me, I find this really really cool. I have nothing to say but good things about this resort, from the staff to its environment, everything is highly recommended. Quiet, peace, clean, and calm, it felt like we are in a private island. We basically had the time of our lives here!

A random trip to the beach with family makes everything better. 

For more detailed and unbiased information you may visit their website Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort. You may call their hotlines as well if you have further questions.
0917-5863343 / 0917-5237777 / 0917-5807653 / 0908-8662254 / 0925-8226654