For the past month, I've been at Looc, Occidental Mindoro for their Centennial Celebration as the official photographer, and during my stay there, I was able to see this untouched beach. A quick escape from shooting all day under the sun is pretty much what I needed.

Of course I've never heard of Looc until my sister became a Municipal Health Officer there as part of DOH's Doctors to the Barrior Program. They (my business partner and I) invited us to document the historical centennial celebration.

Mindoro is known for its amazing beaches and reefs, I've been to Oriental Mindoro a couple of times, but this is my first time in Occidental Mindoro. The Municipality of Looc is part of the Island of Lubang, which is also another municipality in Occidental Mindoro. From Manila it will take you about 6 hours to get there, 4 hours from Manila to Calatagan, Batangas Port thru door-to-door van, and another 2 hours from Batangas to Agkawayan Port in Looc.

Another way to Calatagan is by taking the bus, but I'm not quite sure of the specifics. Hahaha!

Tubahin Beach is probably around 15-20 minutes away from the Poblacion of Looc and on the way there you'll see the ocean to your left, and amazing mountain formation to your right.

There's no entrance fee! You can have your picnic there and no one's gonna bother you coz there's no people there aside from locals (fishermen and farmers). The image above is not the actual Tubahin Beach, you have to walk towards the end (right of the photo) to see amazing rock formations, and clear blue-green water where you can enjoy #wanderlust photos or just stare at the open sea.

You'll have 2 choices to get to the actual beach, either step on those slipper stones if you're up for a challenge or take the shore in which you'll get wet eventually. 

The sand is not as fine but who cares right? It's still beautiful. There's a lot of corals and starfish as well and I got so kilig because the water is very clear and clean!

I'm really thankful for my sister's staff for taking me here to experience this place! During my stay there, this is actually the only beach I get to enjoy because I've been busy with shoots. It's sad because there are more amazing places to see, but I am definitely coming back here!

*All photos are taken from my iPhone, I purposely left my cam because the weather is pretty bad*