Part of Looc, Occidental Mindoro's Centennial Celebration is the Fluvial Parade in which you will tour the whole municipality using a boat. There are a total of 9 barangays, 6 are in mainland, and 3 are on separate islands which are like 2-3 hours away.

The entire fluvial procession is colorfully decorated with banderitas and cloths, and I think more or less a hundred joined this event. From small fishing boats to passenger and cargo boats have joined to witness history as it unfolds. 

This is somehow similar to Pagoda Festival in Bocaue, Bulacan wherein replicas of saints, Mother Mary, and Jesus are being paraded in the whole municipality. The view is so majestic and imagine it from bird's eye view! Yay! I can't stop taking photos on every angle, I just love the sea so much.

So that's me with the red cap and checked long sleeves... The heat is so intense! Like imagine being on the boat from 9AM to 5PM on a summer heat, I was literally toasted, but it was definitely worth it. What's funny is that I don't even know these people, all of my friends are on a different boat, but they welcomed me like I'm a Mindoreño as well. At first, I was sitting in the middle part of the boat since it has cover, but eventually, huge waves decided to conquer it so I was partially soaked, I had to save my camera and my life. Hahaha! People there started to guide me to sit near the bow so I won't get totally wet... and from then on, I gained a couple of friends. I've learned stories from fishermen, police, barangay tanods, farmer, basically everyone! They kept me entertained the whole day with funny stories of their island life. It's pretty amazing how these people are so welcoming for a stranger like me. They even started offering me drinks and food. Wow. The hospitality of Filipinos always surprises me.

For our lunch, well technically late lunch since it's already 2PM, we had to alight the boat in barangay Ambil, for the Galunggong Festival, I might write another blog about it soon, idk yet. Different types of Galunggong dish are prepared for us! It's a buffet so yay to more food.

Well, this is off the record, but one of the things I love about covering this event or generally in all events we were invited to, that every time people see a camera they smile immediately! Like genuine smile just like this guy up here! He's seriously having the best time of his life!

This is pretty much the last stop of the parade, Bara-bara beach, I don't even know if I spelled it correctly since I can't find anything on Google. It's one of the most popular tourist spot here in Looc, it has fine white sand and clear tortoise water. It's just sad that I wasn't able to go down and experience it since we only have limited time. :(

*I did not use any filter/preset with these photos*