Sambawan Island, Biliran, Leyte

Oooh! I love this place!

Okay, so from Palompon, Leyte we had to take a van going to Ormoc at 4:30am, take note of the time as this is the only trip. It's a 2-hr journey to Ormoc City, then from the terminal we took another van going to Naval. Again it's 2-hr ride, then they dropped us off near Naval Port.

So you have 2 options. Take Naval Port which is 2 hours to Sambawan Island because it will detour to Maripipi Island. Option 2 would be from Kawayan Port which is 30 minutes away from Naval Port and from there it will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to Sabawan Island.

Be careful to those strangers who are approaching and offering tours. They charge too much most especially if they know you're from Manila. Good thing we're able to research and get contacts from blog posts before so we're able to get affordable boat. So read and research are the most important thing before going to places unknown. So we took the Kawayan Port because our contact is already there and waiting for their other staff.

45 minutes later we arrived at the island with awe in our faces because there's no freaking people aside from the caretakers. Well, eventually, a couple of groups arrived later on, but you won't bumped into each other.

Water is so clear and you can get your #FeedGoals taken anywhere because of the whites, blues, and greens of the scene.

There's so civilization there, just a couple of people who are assigned to take care of the island. They are so welcoming as well.

They also have an island dog where I spent most of my time. His name is Atlas. And just the freaking name is so pogi. So I made another friend ❤ Anyway!

We just pitched a tent, you can rent there or I recommend you bring one! They also have mattresses, pillows, and blankets you can rent. You may bring cooked food, or just eat there because there's local canteen, or ask them to cook the food you brought. The staff are so nice.

There's no electricity in the island during the day, and at night they only use generators. As millennials, we had a bit of a problem since 3 of our powerbanks died, but you can ask the locals to charge your phone for 10.00 (fixed price, no matter how long). It's also LTE in the island so hooray millennials! You can actually live there.

In order to see the view above, you have to climb I think 120 steps. On top of the mountain, you can chill there with some friends because there's a hut that can accommodate a couple of people. The view on top is just so fucking majestic that I don't even know where to look! North view you'll see the beautiful ocean, west side you'll see parts of the beach, a couple of hills and Maripipi Island, south you'll see amazing rock formations, and east side you'll see lot's of greens because of the hills.

I just hate the stony thing on the shore. I actually hate stones in beaches because it freaking pokes your sole.

The island is currently on the hands of an NGO, and they hired a contractor to take care of it. You'll actually see the efforts as there's no trash and everything is well organized. Every 6AM, the locals do a major clean up from the shore, bathrooms, to the hills.

This is a must visit in Leyte most especially if you want to getaway from people. You probably know by now that I hate crowded places, and I love discovering amazing islands with less population and less tourist.