Photo by Ms. Chary Dino (My Digital Photography Professor, 2014)
At 23, I don't know what to do with my life. I wanna be a writer, filmmaker, baker, veterinarian, calligrapher, lawyer, and flight attendant...

So here's my story... when I was a child, I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up. I let other people decide for my "future" which turned out pretty bad. So I needed a change and divert my path into something different, which led me to Mass Communication. College life was pretty awesome, in between excelling and excessive partying I was able to graduate at 21, and I have no freaking idea what to do with my bachelor's degree. I wanna go into production, advertising, creative writing, journalism, and whole lotta of something related to it. I bummed out for around 6 months and finally decided to pursue the path towards Sales & Marketing. 

Working in a 9-6 job for the past 1 year and 6 months is pretty exhausting for a super lazy and sleepy girl like me, but it has taught me a lot of things. Yes, you meet different types of people with different perspectives in life, you earn a lot but not enough, you learn a lot of things in that field, and you learn a lot of things life has to offer. I did have a stable job and income, but I woke up one day and asked myself, do I want to do this for the rest of my life?

 Of course the answer is NO.

I'm at the peak of my career, hitting quota after quota when I decided I want change. When I think of my future, I always see myself working at my own phase, working for myself or family, but not working for the dreams of other people.

After submitting my resignation, I told my childhood friend about my abrupt decision, he asked me "ganun na lang yun? Mag-quit ka na lang? Mag-give up ka na lang?" And I told him, "wala eh. I'm tired of waking up every morning and pretending to love the things I don't."

I've been doing freelance photography for a couple of months now with my best friend. You know what pushed me to quit my job? That after 16-hours of photoshoot, holding that heavy camera, bending, squatting, and endless click of the button, it felt real. I felt something I've never felt before. It may sound cheesy, but after a tiring day, it feels fulfilling. Even if my bones are cracking, and muscles are aching, I felt genuine happiness. I'm not really a pro at this, I still have a lot to learn in this field, but I enjoy this too much and I know that this is what I want to do today and for the next few years. 

I'm not saying ya'll should quit your job to be a photographer. What I meant is, go after what you want. Money wise? I'm seriously broke right now after living a yolo life and traveling after traveling, because quitting my job this soon was never my plan. And I think that's okay. I have nothing against my previous employer, I'm so much thankful to them for awakening me into the real world, and I did this purely and entirely for myself. 

My family and friends commend me for being brave enough to risk my career, but what I think is, we're all capable of doing it, the only battle is how much are you willing to risk in order to reach your dreams?

Then I realize, it's okay if your future is unsure. It's okay if you wanna do this and that. It's okay if the world is against you. It's okay to do whatever the hell you want, at the end of the day what matters most is that you're HAPPY. Though some people would say happiness won't feed you, but who the fuck cares? Let's not give a shit about what other people thinks. It's your life! 

I've always been known for being free-spirited, hard-headed, and making wrong decisions, my parents may not say it but I'm pretty sure they hated how I want to live my life. I've always been selfish and self-centered, but this decision felt right. In order to make this possible, I have to sacrifice a couple of things.

Is this gonna be worth it?

Who knows? Maybe at 30, I want to be a writer? Or at 40 I want to be a baker? At 45 I want to be a panda nanny? Live in the moment, they say!

And if you're stuck in the same job you hate for years, my advice to you, my friend, is that go out! Be free! There's so much more to do. There's so much more to see. Never be comfortable on your seat because the world is waiting for you. Go out! Live the life you imagined, and just like what the cool kid says, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.