Ever since this island was featured on Rated K early 2016, my friend and I really wanted to go here. So when there's an opportunity to get a cheap fare, we bought it right away. So technically, we waited 1 year and 19 days for this trip. All those times, I've been reading blogs and shit, so my expectations are far too high.

I'm gonna state some facts first before telling you about our legit experience no holds barred.

Crystal clear water and white powdery sand and ling sand bars stretch on both sides of the island. Before arriving at the island, you can see the tortoise water from a far and it's very welcoming!

Prior our trip we called the local eco-tourism office so they could arrange a boat for us, since we're only 2. We arrived there at 9AM very excited, but unfortunately they haven't arranged it yet. We're planning to stay overnight, but we have to catch the van going to Ormoc City at 4:30am to go to Sambawan Island. We had to adjust to the schedule of the boat at cut our trip short in Kalanggaman Island. We stayed there from 12nn to 4pm. Sadly, we didn't get to explore the whole island because of the time and the goddamn rain.

Okay. So we arrived at the island after the very maalon 1hr boatride, I was expecting they'll be less people, but damn! I couldn't even get a decent picture of the sandbar coz there's people everywhere. My photos have less people because we took the chance when the rain poured and people ran back to their cottages. It's actually pretty funny. They don't want to get wet because of the rain but they are swimming in the ocean.

Tortoise water is very relaxing. If there are less people you can enjoy an ice cold beer by the shore. Most parts of the island are picture perfect for your #TravelGoals, just photoshop the people. 😂 if you guys have drone, I highly recommend you bring itttt!!! I was just so stupid I brought the wrong lens. Never bring your 50mm if you wanna capture the whole island.

Blogs didn't said this but, you can't use shampoo and soap in the island. There are comfort rooms but you share it with tens of people. So it's pretty gross because you can't wash out the salt water properly. The eco-tourism are preserving the island, so please be mindful when you visit.

The water on the left side of the sandbar is quite tranquil, but the current on the right side is crazy!

You can do lots of activities from kayak, snorkeling, speed boat, but sadly we weren't able to experience these because of the freaking rain.

So the rain poured. Legit ice cold. I was freezing while walking back to our cottage and I was a bit hesitant to go back to mainland because it's zero visibility from where we stand. But thank heavens after so much prayer the rain stopped and we made it back safely. The currents are not as crazy and I'm drafting this blogpost on our way back.

If you guys are planning to stay overnight, they have tents you can rent (or you may bring your own), tipi house, and cottages. Just make sure to call prior your trip.

Some reminders, call the eco-tourism office before your trip so they can schedule your companions if you guys are in small group. Even if our experience with them is crazy mad, they are very accommodating to requests so ask away.

Even if my expectations are not met, it was a crazy fun experience! Another check on my bucket list!