I've always been an adventurous person, but this is something I've never tried before. A close friend of mine is an off-road adventurer and he finally dragged me into one of his trips! Yay! 

So this one is called "The Forgotten Path" and below is the details of our trail I found in the event invitation: "Multi Terrain Day Trail: Before Mt. Pinatubo erupted this palce was once a prosperous town, and its still shows remnants of its history, we will be having an actual view of the aftermath. "

This trail was in Zambales, well, all I know in the province are their popular beaches I didn't know that there's a lot of adventures in stored!

Around 5:30am we regroup in Subic to start our trail. My friends and I are kinda sabog because we're all sleepless because we ended up drinking 'til 4am before the trail.

The view on our way to the peak. It's really picture perfect!

Ryan (my childhood friend), me, and Alain (one of our high school bestie)

Ryan's badass car

One of the reasons, I love traveling is I get to discover awesome places I never knew existed. I love the feeling of just staring in an awesome view, and rethinking about my life choices. It makes me want to travel more, meet people, double my adventures, and take crazy photos.

This path is in between cliff, and my friends are like "Mimi, jumpshot. Dali may sasakyan!" Yup! There you go. Haha!

The adrenaline rush of crossing a disastrous path! Yup. These boys love their cars too much, I remember my friend told me that he treats his car like a girlfriend. It seriously breaks their hearts every time they hear branches scratching their cars! Haha! It's crazy, I swear.

Around 1pm we went down of the other side of the mountain to take our lunch beside a river. 

Some of us took advantage of the cold water and they dived in! I didn't though, I was too chicken to try it because the water is not so clear and you'll see from this photo that there are carabaos taking a bath as well. It was fun watching them though!

There are some places that there's no path at all, and we have to make our own way! I swear it's nakakaloka. Plants everywhere!

At the end of the wild plants, you'll see the Mapanuepe Lake. Now, I realized why it's called forgotten path, because this is the south of Mt. Pinatubo, and stories from the locals that this used to be a river but since the volcano erupted, it blocked all the streams and turned into lake. After the eruption and the formation of the lake, the only structure that remains is a church tower with a huge metal cross right in the middle. I wasn't able to take a photo because it's too far away, my zoom lens couldn't capture it perfectly.

Now I understood why some 4x4 cars are so muddy and extremely monstrous. I learned that it's really badass and it's a form of satisfaction for the car owners after the adventure they've been through.

We had to take a photo op of my new found friends' car! Yay!

It's been a day! What an experience and if my friends dragged me again, I wouldn't hesitate! Fun-filled day, met a bunch of crazy, wild, and awesome people, took lots of Instagram worthy photos, and of course, I got to discover the other side of the world.