I've never been to Bicolandia and this is actually my first time, man, the travel was excruciating. I've heard stories about Caramoan, but I never thought I'd be speechless. Just a quick run through of our travel... We left Mall of Asia (our meeting place) around 8pm (Thursday), our 1st stop over is in Lucena around 11pm. (I apologize, I'm so groggy and I don't have a freaking sense of time so it might not be accurate af). Then back on the road again, 2nd stop over is in Camarines Norte, this is actually our longest stop over coz the driver had to nap for a few minutes. Third stop over is in Camarines Sur "bayan", and from there approximately 2 hours to get to Caramoan. So we arrived around 10 in the morning (Friday).

More than 14 hours of pain in the ass travel is definitely worth it! At first I really don't have any idea what we'll do there because my sister just dragged me to this trip together with her friends, I mean, I was just told to bring this and that. So allow me to share my experience in these photos.

From Caramoan Port, you'll ride a boat to get to the islands. It's not scary at all because the beauty of the clear water and bright sky will take your worries away and I kid you not. Below are random photos that I took. And if you found me on the pic, my best friend took it. :)

Part of our adventure is going to the Shrine of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in Tabgon, Caramoan, Camarines Sur. These are the steps to the shrine, we're told that it's 500 steps, but it felt like a thousand. :))

There are times that we had to stop to admire the view, and man, this picture doesn't do any justice! It's like the beauty is for your eyes only, and any damn camera cannot capture it.

Cotivas Island
One of the awesome things we did in Caramoan is to swim in the middle of a freaking ocean! I wasn't able to take photos coz I'm too busy saving my life. Hahaha! But we do have videos, which you may find at the end of this post. :)

We were so disappointed when we arrived at Manlawi Sandbar because, it's freaking high tide and the sandbar was hidden. After a few minutes of staying we noticed that the water is subsiding slowly and tahdaaaah, hello, sandbar! Time to take awesome photos!
Manlawi Sand Bar

Manlawi Sandbar

And of course after a super awesome 2-day trip in Caramoan, it's time to thank the Lord. We left Caramoan 4 am (Sunday), then went to Basilica Peñafrancia Church in Naga City.
Basilica Peñafrancia Church

I forgot to tell you how awesome the food there and how kind the Bicolanos are! Man, probably one of the best trip to date! The food, I mean... my taste buds seriously improved after this.

I was really sad on our way home, but I realized, how beautiful our country is, we just have to keep on exploring every corner of it to find our safe haven.